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Consumer Applications

Consumer robots and robotic devices are developed for use by the general public, mostly in a domestic or personal environment.

Many of them are designed for everyday chores such as cleaning or carrying luggage.

Robots used for gaming or entertainment purposes also fall into this category, as do wearable robots and robotic devices.

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  • Logo RoboDidactics RoboDidactics

    The goal of Robotics project RoboDidactics is getting children interested in science again. The project aims to accomplish this by increasing technological knowledge in the EU and spreading it through an international network of schools.

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  • Logo Summer course 'Caring robots' Summer course 'Caring robots'

    A two week course in robotics, Caring Robots, was developed with the goal of exploring the future of robotics in healthcare. Students focus on learning for one week, then cooperate to try and develop something new for the world of caring robots to help…

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  • Logo Lil'Bot Project Lil'Bot Project

    Lil’bot project by Chris Hakim is a low-cost, open-source robotics project to develop a balancing robot that can be used to introduce children to robot programming. Lil'Bot is easy to program using a visually based programming language and can express…

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  • Logo RoboParty RoboParty

    RoboParty is a pedagogical/educational project that aims at teaching young people how to build mobile autonomous robots. The RoboCup games are used to organize the RoboParty event to educate young people about the basics of robotics in a simple and entertaining…

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  • Logo Edison Edison

    Robotics project Edison is an attempt to address the shortage of affordable technology resources in mainstream education. The aim of project Edison is to create the easiest and most accessible way for robot enthusiasts and school teachers to get involved…

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  • Logo Alan Alan

    We at Robomodix believe that Alan will be an evolutionary step towards modern day social robots. He is designed to be interactive, engaging and responsive. Alan becomes a part of the family by

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