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    • Logo Bobbie Bobbie

      Bobbie Robotics, inspired by recent Dutch Robotics developments, is working to set up a Dutch industry with the ability to develop care assistance robots. Rising health care costs and a shortage of skilled care could be offset with the design a robot…

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    • Logo CompanionAble CompanionAble

      The CompanionAble project is a Robotics project aimed at developing an affordable robotics home companion for the elderly. This robot, Hector, can the elderly can live semi-independently at home for as long as possible. It responds when the user calls…

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    • Logo Evryon Evryon

      The Robotics project Evryon aims to design wearable robotic suits (exoskeletons) to help the elderly in restoring mobility and strength for those who lack them. These suits will be power efficient and lightweight and will be tested on elderly people to…

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    • Logo KSERA KSERA

      The KSERA robotics project, is a research project about service robots for the elderly. The main goal of this project is to develop a Socially Assistive Robot that can help the elderly in their daily lives, especially people with Chronic Obstructive…

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    • Logo McArm (Motion Controlled Arm Support) McArm (Motion Controlled Arm Support)

      The McArm is a Dutch Robotics project that aims aims to develop a smart dynamic arm support system to provide extra support for people without all their strength and motor functions, such as in people who have had a stroke. The McArm is a smart system…

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    • Logo MindWalker MindWalker

      The Dutch Robotics project Mindwalker is a wearable robot "suit" designed to help disabled people walk again. Using Brain-Computer Interface technology, the exoskeleton will support the patient and trigger correct brain control signals. The end product…

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    • Logo Myopro Myopro

      The Myopro robotics project intends to increase the functionality of the Myoelectric prosthetic by improving the brain-to-mechanism signals. This will increase the degrees of freedom in these mechanisms, improve sensory feedback and help the owner to…

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    • Robotarm Jaco

      The project Jaco is a robotic device designed by Kinova Rehab to help disabled people regain freedom. It is weather resistant and has a hand with three fingers that can be individually controlled. It gives people the ability to grasp objects such as a…

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    • Logo Robots that learn to move naturally Robots that learn to move naturally

      The Dutch Technical University of Delft, is working on developing a robotic arm that is a safer choice than traditional factory arms. It will mimic a human arm as closely as possible and have smart elements to optimize its performance.

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    • Logo Teleoperated Service Robot (Rose) Teleoperated Service Robot (Rose)

      The Dutch Robotics project: Teleoperated Service Robot (Rose) will help elderly and disabled people in their home while being controlled elsewhere by an operator. ROSE will hopefully be ready in a few years and relieve some healthcare system stress.

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    • Logo WikiTherapist WikiTherapist

      The Dutch robotics WikiTherapist project intends to develop software for therapists to develop and run their own easy-to-use programs for their patients. The therapist simply indicates what he/she hopes to achieve and the software does the rest.

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    • Logo X-arm X-arm

      The Dutch Robotics project X-Arm has the goal of reducing back problems and easing the physical burden for healthcare workers. They have developed LabCoat, a portable back support device which has received positive feedback. This will help employees who…

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    • Logo Romeo Romeo

      Project Romeo aims at developing a humanoid assistive robot that will assist people who depend on others for help. The main objective of this project is to design a robot that can serve as a personal assistant for people facing autonomy or mobility issues.

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    • Logo Accompany Accompany

      ACCOMPANY is a robotics project set to develop the Care-O-bot 3 into a caring and emotionally stimulating social robot for the elderly.

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