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Collaborative Robots

Swarm Behaviour

    • Logo DelFFi DelFFi

      Within the Delfi program, DelFFi is the third satellite project. The project aims at utilizing innovative concepts, reliable methodologies and modern technologies to support the QB50 mission, which is a unique mission based on a global network of fifty…

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    • Logo FireSwarm FireSwarm

      FireSwarm- a Dutch research project- strives to develop a swarm of affordable, autonomous and small unmanned aerial vehicles that can be used to monitor and detect fire in large natural areas, specifically at the Noor-Holland dune areas.

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    • Logo Swarmanoid Swarmanoid

      Comprised of dynamically connected, heterogenous, small autonomous robots, the Swarmanoid project aims at designing, implementing and controlling a novel distributed robotic system.

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    • Logo Protei Project Protei Project

      The Protei project is a robotics project initiated by Scoutbots, a Hong Kong-based non-profit organization founded by Cesar Harada. The Protei project aims at developing a way of cleaning the oceans using autonomous sailing robots that are able to work…

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      SUNRISE is a robotics project involving the research and development of acoustic based networks to support sub-surface communications and develop autonomous aquatic Swarm robots that can interact and cooperate.

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    • Logo SinBot SinBot

      SInbot is a sub-project of the SmartBot initiative dedicated to exploring the use of intelligent industrial robots in production. Multiple-sensor robots introduce an autonomous function that makes their use more practical and cost effective for smaller…

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