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Robotics Projects | Belgium (5)

Western Europe
  • Logo Darius Darius

    DARIUS aims at addressing the different aspects related to the application of the unmanned robot systems in SAR operations. The different objectives of this project will be tested on realistic scenarios.

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    The European Robotics project, ICARUS, aims at developing robotic tools that can detect and rescue human beings. These systems will be used to help “human” crisis intervention teams.

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  • Logo RGBd, ToF ! RGBd, ToF !

    RGBd TOF is a robotics project that is developing a way for robots to have 3D vision. Combining RGB and 3D will allow robots to more easily understand the dimensions of objects. This will bring us one step closer to letting robots function more like humans.

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  • Logo Swarmanoid Swarmanoid

    Comprised of dynamically connected, heterogenous, small autonomous robots, the Swarmanoid project aims at designing, implementing and controlling a novel distributed robotic system.

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  • Logo Tiramisu Tiramisu

    TIRAMISU is an important robotics project with the goal of developing tools that can help establish peace, ensure national along with regional security, prevent conflict, and promote social and economic rehabilitation.

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