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Robotics Projects | United States (9)

Northern America
  • Logo Alan Alan

    We at Robomodix believe that Alan will be an evolutionary step towards modern day social robots. He is designed to be interactive, engaging and responsive. Alan becomes a part of the family by

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  • Logo Lil'Bot Project Lil'Bot Project

    Lil’bot project by Chris Hakim is a low-cost, open-source robotics project to develop a balancing robot that can be used to introduce children to robot programming. Lil'Bot is easy to program using a visually based programming language and can express…

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  • S2PS

    Creating requirements design and functional target of small semi-autonomous agricultural robot.  

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  • Logo Stinky Robot Stinky Robot

    Stinky Robots is a project to write a book about the story of Stinky Robots, a new book by a father and son team from California. The two of them developed the story and were in need of illustrations. They contracted the help of talented illustrators…

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  • Logo Zero Robotics Zero Robotics

    Zero Robotics is a project that organizes an annual robotics programming competition held live aboard the International Space Station. To win, competitors program a SPHERES robot to navigate a microgravity environment while avoiding obstacles, as well…

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