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  • Supported by the Seventh Framework Programme, DARIUS is an important Robotics project with the main goal of providing unmanned platforms for different search and rescue programs. This project will address the different aspects related to the application of the unmanned systems in SAR operations that haven’t been covered by previous projects.

    A major objective of this project is increasing the “interoperability performances” at all levels. This will help in integrating the unmanned systems, just like other assets and forces are available and active in SAR operations.

    DARIUS also aims at studying and developing strategies for adapting the unmanned systems to the “rescue demands” of the SAR operations. For example, it focuses on developing systems that can work in remote locations and detect people stuck in challenging conditions. It is also expected that DARIUS will address other aspects of “rescue demands” such as improving deployable communication platforms for supporting the networking abilities of the unmanned systems. Moreover, DARIUS is also expected to study suitable physical interfaces between the FRs, the unmanned solutions, and the citizens along with victims.

    All the goals and objectives of this project will be performed after considering the human factor. This means, the goals will be tested on realistic scenarios suggested by the end?users so that everyone has a clear idea of the project accomplishments.

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