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Distributed Estimation and Control for Robotic Networks

Distributed Estimation and Control for Robotic Networks
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  • The problem of autonomous operation and coordination of groups of vehicles pose challenges that need to be addressed in order to increase efficiency in areas of diverse application, such as high-performance agricultural systems, transportation networks, mobile sensor networks, and logistics. Such multi-agent systems require a technology project like distributed estimation and control for robotic networks.

    The project’s main research topic is the investigation of various techniques and development of new methods in the area of distributed control and sensing for a number of mobile agents. The research will emphasize on the development of methodology and algorithm for multi-agent control systems, particularly focusing on testing and developing cooperative path planning techniques with consensus and coordination protocols in a distributed environment. Moreover, the project will involve a mobile robot testbed setup that will act as an educational and research demonstration tool for researchers and students. This mobile robot testbed will be improved by BSc and MSc students in the supervision of the research team members.

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