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  • IROMEC is an interactive social mediator robot that was developed to work as a playmate for children with disabilities. This Dutch Robotics¬†project emphasizes how important it is for children to learn through playing. Research has shown that the development of their social relationships, and their own personality, is highly dependent on their physical and social environment. When children are not able to learn through playing because they suffer from cognitive, development or physical disabilities, this often also leads to limiting the learning curve and the possibility of social isolation.

    The project researches in what way robot toys can offer new opportunities while mixing learning and fun. The robot will be developed to function as a social mediator to cover all the areas that children with disabilities do normally not have access to. This project is a very new and interdisciplinary initiative within robotics and other disciplines such as cognitive sciences, psychology and man-machine interaction. These and more disciplines will be combined in IROMEC to find a solution for the difficult issue.

    The goal of IROMEC is to give children with disabilities new opportunities, to prevent isolation, and let them develop new skills. Developing a social robot system that can operate safely, reliably, is easily adjustable and is affordable is the method of reaching this goal.

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