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  • Myoelectric prosthetics are externally powered artificial limbs controlled by the electrical signals generated by a person's own muscles. Myoelectric prosthetics are used by people who have lost a limb and therefore suffer from an immense functional loss.

    With this type of prosthetic, the activity is measured in the remaining muscles and is converted into a control signal. Even though this seems like a good solution in theory, in reality about 70% of the people with prosthetics do not use their powered prosthetics. At this moment in time, these lack in functionality, do not have a decent natural control, and the sensory feedback on which myoelectric prosthetics are based does not function properly.

    The Myopro is the Dutch Robotics project that aims to increase the functionality of the Myoelectric prosthetic by improving the brain-to-mechanism signals. These signals travel from the brain to a sensing part, which is then supposed to send through the intended movement to the control center and subsequently give motor controls to the mechanism. After this, the prosthetic sends sensory feedback back to the brain to complete the cycle.

    The goals of Myopro are to:

    • Increase the mechanism's number of degrees of freedom  
    • Insert technology that is more responsive to natural and intuitive feedback from the person 
    • Develop a training program, which will allow the owner of the prosthetic to rehabilitate to the fullest of his/her abilities
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