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  • The NeuroSIPE project (System Identification and Parameter Estimation of Neurophysiological Systems) is a cooperative program among Dutch Universities and medical centers. They have┬áthe goal to develop new tools for neurological disorders, by using closed-loop system identification techniques.

    Neurological disorders are a very real part of everyday life and have a great impact, both socially as well as economically. The central nervous system is the regulatory organ in the human body, meaning that it controls various organs (among others the heart and the skin) in a closed loop system. It controls behavior of these organs and constantly receives feedback through the loop. Even though the CNS is acknowledged to have work on a closed loop system, many researches do not take this into account while dealing with the functions of sub-systems of the CNS.

    The problem is being engaged by eight different projects, under the coordination of NeuroSIPE. These projects are, for example: the QDISC, ROBIN, BATMAN and BALROOM. All these separate projects deal with their own field of neurological disorders. The QDISC is a project dealing with patients who suffer from low back pains, while BATMAN focuses on thermo vigilance and BALROOM with balance control.

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