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  • Space Games: Zero Robotics TournamentSpace Games: Zero Robotics Tournament

    Jul 22, 2014,

    If you like Space Games, get ready for the Annual Zero Robotics tournament. Finalists in this Zero Robotics tournament will compete at the International Space Station using Spheres robots to avoid obstacles, as well as complete a space mission.

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  • Thai Rescue Robots To BrazilThai Rescue Robots To Brazil

    Jun 20, 2014,

    BART LAB Rescue, the robotics team from The Center for Biomedical and Robotics Technology, is now looking forward to attend the RoboCup 2014 Competition. To facilitate the transport costs they initiated a Fundraising Campaign

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  • ICARUS Uses UAV For DeminingICARUS Uses UAV For Demining

    Jun 16, 2014

    To protect deminers and save time, ICARUS has started to use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for mapping and detecting. One of the major issues facing flood-hit areas is the widespread presence of unexploded devices from the war.

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  • Lil'Bot is crowdfunding with KickstarterLil'Bot is crowdfunding with Kickstarter

    Jun 06, 2014,

    Lil'Bot is a robotics project which aims to build a low-cost, open-source, balancing robot that is easy to program. In order to fund this robotics project, its creator Chris Hakim started a crowdfunding program using Kickstarter.

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  • One more day to RoboCup 2013One more day to RoboCup 2013

    Jun 25, 2013,

    Only one more day to go untill this years Robocup soccer competition will start in the Dutch city of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. RoboCup is the largest international robotics event which is held every year.

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