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  • The last couple of decades¬†showed a trend in the declined¬†interest in science among younger people. This phenomenon is visible throughout the industrialized nations, and it causes a strain on the economic growth of the European Union.

    The robotics project RoboDidactics wants to counter this effect by introducing robotics at an early age to get children interested in this field. Since it is very difficult to introduce Robotics and related technology courses in the educational plans for an entire continent, we can see that schools try to perform these duties on their own. Several European schools now give related courses, and competitions like the RoboCup are initiatives that drive children and students to regaining interest in the field.

    The workplan of RoboDidactics is to design and develop an educational method to further increase technological knowledge in the EU. It will try to spread this method through an international network of schools. Another goal is to partner up with large companies who are willing to provide the schools with the necessary equipment.

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