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  • The  Dutch Robotics Sofie project developed at Eindhoven University focuses on building a robotic arm system with haptic feedback. Surgeons now use robotic systems for minimally invasive surgery (MIS) more often. Sofie (Surgeon’s Operating Force-feedback Interface Eindhoven), a robotic system used for this type of surgery, was developed to improve patient value.

    Sofie uses haptic feedback, which means that while performing surgery there is a better connection between the mechanism and the surgeon, and the surgeon can feel the pressure that Sofie is providing to the patient. Robotic arms have been used in surgeries before, but none used a feedback system, which makes the surgeon solely reliant on visible feedback.

    With its compact design and high dexterity, this system will further increase the patient value. Sofie is operated by a surgeon during the surgery, and the hand movements by the surgeon are measured by highly sensitive equipment, enabling very accurate control of the robot.

    Even though at this time Sofie does not have a price tag, it is thought that it will be significantly cheaper than previously developed robotic arms for surgery.

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