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Stinky Robot

Stinky Robot
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  • Stinky Robots run on diesel and give off an aroma. They’re not as popular as Futurebots, which everyone wants.

    It’s the story of Stinky Robots, a new book by a father and son team from California. The two of them developed the story and were in need of illustrations. They contracted the help of talented illustrators from all over the world. Alexy Russia, for example, drew the sleek, economical Stinky Robot Carl.

    The story and drawings tell the story of the stinky robots becoming surprise heroes and in the process teaching us all to not be judgmental and to accept those who are different, odd, or out of style.

    First Page Stinky Robots


    To cover the cost of development, a Kickstarter funding was created. They don’t detail plans for an entire production run of books or distribution plans. The $7,777 the duo is seeking is meant to recoup their expenses paying the illustrators, etc.

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