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Teleoperated Service Robot (Rose)

Teleoperated Service Robot (Rose)
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  • The Dutch Robotics project: Teleoperated Service Robot (Rose) has the goal to develop a remotely controlled robot with the ability to help the elderly or disabled in and around the house. It should not be confused with the other Dutch Robotics project called "Rose" which is about Robotic Sensor Networks.

    This Teleoperated Service Robot (TSR) will help people in their own homes while being controlled from a centrally located area by an operator. Eventually, the robot will be able to perform in-house duties more autonomously; however, the operator will always stay in contact to keep a certain amount of security and control.

    The idea is that ROSE will be widely available in a couple of years to relieve some of the stress of the current healthcare system. Currently, ROSE is being improved and fine-tuned with the cooperation of several care organizations.

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