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  • Supported by the Seventh Framework Programme, TIRAMISU is an important project that aims at developing a toolbox for the Mine Action community. This toolbox will address the different issues linked Humanitarian Demining to establish peace, ensure national along with regional security, prevent conflict, promote social and economic rehabilitation as well as post-conflict reconstruction.

    Unexploded ordnance and anti-personnel landmines are major barriers to peace in war-affected nations. The main goal of this project is eliminating these barriers to promote welfare as well as post-conflict development. This can be achieved by developing a toolbox for the Mine Action community.

    The tools in this toolbox are categorized as demining planning instruments, detection and disposal instruments and training and mine risk awareness instruments. The demining planning instruments can help locate potential threats while defining the contaminated regions.

    Detection and disposal instruments aim at neutralizing mines physically while improving operators’ safety. The third and last type of tools i.e. training and mine risk awareness instruments will be validated in mine-affected nations and will be improved by using state-of-the-art Robotics technology.

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