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  • Dutch Robotics¬†Project X-Arm is the development of a portable aid for people who work in healthcare to reduce physical strain on their bodies while being in a bent working state. The research direction that is being explored is the reduction of back problems.

    The complete healthcare system is under stress at the moment, with an increased demand for healthcare and reducing finances putting a strain on the supply of good care. This often comes down to health employees having to cope with more work and physically exhausting their bodies. X-Arm is meant to lighten the load while conducting lifting work. This may lead to a reduction in back problems and therefore a lightening of the working load.

    This project has the cooperation of the all the fields of specialization in healthcare since these problems are a recurring feature the entire healthcare system. The project developed a portable back support named LabCoat which has been financed by major health insurance companies and tested with positive feedback.

    It has been proven that during actions that require back strength, the necessary strength needed with the LabCoat on, is lower than an equal action without. Testing has also been done successfully in different types of industries were workers also deal with a large strain on the back.

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