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A Roadmap for U.S. Robotics

July 15, 2015

A Roadmap for U.S. Robotics Picture: U.S. Robotics VO

A Roadmap for U.S. Robotics

From Internet to Robotics

2013 Edition


Robotic technology has been a part of American manufacturing now for half a century. Robotics was first used to help aid in manufacturing processes that were too heavy or too difficult to be completed by a single human being. Now, robotics has entered nearly every aspect of manufacturing.

In addition to manufacturing purposes, robotics has extended their uses into the medical field and labor saving devices that has aided the population in many ways.


The United States has created a 5, 10, and 15 year Robotics Roadmap. Within this roadmap, the U.S. has set forth goals in robotics to include:

- More robotic products that will assist the aging population and will help sustain a better quality of life for the elderly.

- Higher quality robots that will streamline manufacturing processes and help reduce manufacturing costs to enable an improved productivity.

- The ability to protect first responders and soldiers who are faced with dangerous tasks or danger


It is the intention of the United States Robotic Roadmap to make robotics as integrated into society as the Internet.

The Roadmap for U.S. Robotics covers the following areas:

  • Robotics in Manufacturing
  • Healthcare and Medical Robotics
  • Service Robotics
  • Robot Applications in Space.
  • Robot Applications in Defense

Download the Roadmap for U.S. Robotics to read the full report.

Author(s)/Published by: Robotics Virtual Organization

Source: Robotics Virtual Organization
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