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  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Wheeled
  • ACE

    Autonomous City Explorer (ACE) was developed by the researchers at the Technical University of Munich. Their aim was to develop a city exploring robot that can interact with people. It can use hand gestures, speech, and a touch screen in order to get information from these individuals. 

    ACE is quite complex, with several advance sensors and algorithms that it uses in order to sense its surrounding environment, move around without bumping any obstacles, and mingle with people. It navigates by making a topological map of its environment as it travels.

    A path planning and followin module is used that is specially designed to detect the “traversability” of the area that it uses. The speech and gestures that ACE uses when interacting are not that sophisticated and are considered a little crude at the moment.


    • Equipped with Stereo Vision
    • Installed with Laser Sensors
    • 3 onboard computers
    • Touch screen
    • Can travel at 1.4m/sec
    • Stands at 178cm and weighs 160kg


  • Research:Human-Robot interaction
    Robot Learning



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