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Picture of Aegis Picture: Dodaam Systems
  • Aegis

    South Korea’s Dodaam Systems developed the Aegis robot, which is capable of guarding and attacking enemies. Aegis is equipped with a machine gun and can monitor, detect and track down its enemies. It can even fire remotely when aggravated. In time, this robot can and will remove mines and do reconnaissance, combat missions, and surveillance operations. Aegis has also been deployed to Iraq as support.

    Dodaam Systems hopes that this robot guard will replace soldiers in high-risk areas. The South Korean government is planning to deploy this robot in the DMZ; however, the firm’s ultimate goal for this robot is to provide necessary fire power to ground troops during combat.



    • CCD Camera
    • Thermal IR Sensors
    • Laser Illuminator
    • Armed with a rifle or machine gun
    • Autonomous detection system
    • Tracking and Targeting Manual
    • Autonomous firing
    • Wired LAN or Wireless


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