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Picture of Affetto Picture: Osaka University
  • Released:
  • 2011
  • Affeto by Osaka University

    Affetto, the sensible Japanese baby robot developed by Osaka University, is another addition to Japan’s robotics world. Aside from the ultimate goal of learning human cognitive development through using robotics and a prudent step-up in advanced technology, the creation of Affetto provides a realistic experience for caregivers.

    This robotic baby has a head capable of complex facial motions and affective facial expressions. Through life-like interaction with Affetto, the capability of child care professionals can be tested and enhanced. 

    Osaka University’s child robot was developed by a team of robotic experts under the JST ERATO Asada Project, headed by Minoru Asada and alongside two colleagues: Hisashi Ishihara and Yuichiro Yoshikawa. The research was published by the same researchers in Japan’s 28th annual conference of the robotics society. Those who are interested in Affetto’s cognitive and intelligence development can check JST ERATO Asada Project. 





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