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AI Robot

  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • AI Robot

    The Harbin Institute of Technology of China designed and created an entertainment robot that is capable of dancing. The robot, simply called the AI Robot, runs on artificial intelligence that is anchored on the programs and chips that were incorporated into its systems.

    Several AI Robots have been used in different demonstrations. In fact, there were several viral videos circulating on the Internet showing these dancing robots grooving their bodies into a slow dance as if they were interpreting the song “Never Been to Me.”

    The moods of the dancing AI Robots suddenly shifted when they were made to perform simple fitness routines. The exhibition finished by them dancing to upbeat music. These demonstrations have clearly shown that the AI Robot made by Harbin Institute of Technology can be used to provide a lot of entertainment before a huge crowd.



    • Flexible body mechanisms
    • Sound recognition
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Programmable and/or customizable


AI Robot




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