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AIBO Series : AIBO ERS-311 Latte

Picture ofAIBO Series : AIBO ERS-311 Latte Picture: Sony
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Animal
  • Released:
  • 2001
  • AIBO ERS-311 “Latte” by Sony

    In September 2001, AIBO ERS-311 by Sony, also known as AIBO Latte, was made available in the world market. It looks more like a cute little dog and comes cheaper compared to its older counterparts. This new AIBO model ERS, also termed as the LM series of entertainment robots, has a few things lacking, like LED facial expressions and wireless capabilities; although LM AIBO model ERS with Bluetooth is available in Japan.  Additionally, it has less movable parts and is only available in white.                   

    However, Sony has made certain that this robotic dog still has interesting features, like 15 degrees of freedom, infrared sensor to detect obstruction or distance of a particular object. and top-notch artificial intelligence.  This time, AIBO Latte has its sensor placed in its tail. 

    Punishing or praising comes differently in the new generation model; a downward movement of the head for praising and an upward movement for scolding.  The light showing its mood is placed on the top of its head instead of the eyes and appears like a single horn.  Additional sensors are placed in each paw.

    In Japan, a Handy Viewer with Bluetooth connectivity, which is used as a remote, is included in this cute little guy's purchase package.  The AIBO ERS-311 must be Bluetooth-enabled in order to utilize the remote.  




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