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AIBO Series : AIBO ERS-312 Macaron

Picture ofAIBO Series : AIBO ERS-312 Macaron Picture: Sony
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Animal
  • Released:
  • 2001
  • AIBO ERS-312 Macaron by SONY

    Included in the LM series of SONY entertainment robots is the AIBO ERS-312, also known as AIBO Macaron. Just like the Latte, Macaron is a cheaper version of the SONY AIBO Dog Robot. It was introduced in September 2001 in the world market.  This rare pet robot comes in dark gray or black colors.

    AIBO ERS-312 does not have wireless connectivity, but a Bluetooth-enabled version is available in Japan. The sensor is placed in its tail, while the head movement is used for praising (downward movement) or scolding (upward movement). Also, its mood can be determined by the light placed above its head. Each paw has its own sensor.

    Just like other SONY ERS Robots, AIBO Macaron is driven by an AIBO operating ware downloaded to the supplied memory stick.  The memory stick is inserted at the toy’s belly and can be turned on by pressing the pause button found on its back.  Despite its low price, AIBO ERS-312, the AIBO Macaron offers extraordinary enjoyment to its users.




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