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Amador Robot Cajon

  • Released:
  • 2009
  • Amadorbot

    In 2009, the Electronic Engineering students of Universidad Católica of Peru succeeded in creating Amadorbot, a robot capable of playing the traditional Afro-Peruvian instrument, known as the "Cajon". The project was spearheaded by Professor Jorge Heraud. This entertainment robot was named after Afro-Peruvian music legend, Amador Ballumbrosio.

    Amadorbot has two arms that are capable of moving vertically to play Música Criolla, a category of Peruvian music with influences from African, Spanish, and Andean music. The movements of the robot are controlled by two internal microprocessors, which act as the heart of the robot’s computer.

    The robot was created as part of the students' "Proyecto electrónico". Completing the design of Amadorbot is a tecnoport that the students creatively decorated with the face of Ballumbrosio.


    • Vertically-moving arms
    • Internal microprocessors that control movement
    • Technoport embedded in its head
    • Face design mimicking Ballumbrosio
    • Plays the cajon



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