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Picture of AMIGO Picture: TU Eindhoven
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  • AMIGO (Autonomous Mate for Intelligent Operations) is Tech United’s care robot that participates in the RoboEarth Project. The robot also takes part in the RoboCup@Home where it performs tasks like identifying various products in a supermarket.

    AMIGO can be used for helping the elderly with household chores. With a height of one and a half meter, the robot is equipped with two arms and a wheel-based platform. While AMIGO uses its special wheels to easily move around the house, it performs human tasks like grasping objects and opening cupboards with its arms.

    As a member of the RoboEarth Project, AMIGO independently connects with the RoboEarth database while downloading the important instructions required for serving the desired product. The main goal of the RoboEarth Project is to give the robots an opportunity to learn form each other. The RoboEarth network facilitates the exchange of object recognition, navigation as well as operation. This learning process allows the robots to be able to respond faster while improving their ability to learn and behave in unpredictable situations.

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