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Picture of AMP Picture: Sega Toys
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Wheeled
  • Released:
  • 2010
  • AMP by SEGA Toys & Hasbro

    SEGA Toys, Hasbro and Tiger Electronics has teamed up to develop the new music entertainer called AMP (Automated Music Personality) robot, which is capable of playing music and dancing to the beat. This music console looks like a black-alien robot that stands on two Segway wheels, which allows movement in all directions.

    AMP robot has the coolest features, ones that are not available on a typical music player: 12 Watt Stereo Speakers, two tweeters and a five-inch middle-range speaker, frequency response of 17-20,000 Hertz, an audio input jack, 14 touch sensors, 2 obstacle detection sensors and 4 control motors. To ensure a satisfying music experience, it has 49 LED Lights and 62 sound effects.

    AMP robot comes with a remote control containing five different modes: Park Mode (AMP parks itself on a specific area), Drive Mode (user controls AMP using remote control), Follow Mode (AMP follows the remote control in your hand), Track Mode (AMP positions its speakers toward your direction), & Dance Mode (AMP uses its beat detection software to move to the beat).

    By plugging an MP3 to the back of the AMP robot, a user can start listening and moving to the beat.  AMP can stay on all night long (10 hours) using its 6 ‘D’ and 3 ‘AAA’ batteries.  For only $500 dollars, you can own this mobile robotic music companion.  Although AMP robot will be available this coming October in both the US and Japan, SEGA Toys accepts pre-orders in Japan starting on August 1.  Having AMP robot feels like living in video games for real.





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