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Picture of ANTOR Picture: Samsung
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid, Walking-Biped
  • Released:
  • 2001

    Launched by Samsung in 2001 at the Korea International Factory Automation exhibition held at the COEX Center in Seoul, ANTOR, or Android Toy Robot, was designed to be as flexible as humans, due to its 20-joint composition.

    ANTOR was primarily aimed to be used for entertainment. It stands 35 cm tall and weighs 2 kg. At the time of its release, the technology used to run its motors simultaneously was considered cutting-edge technology in the field of robotics.

    As a friendly personal robot, ANTOR is a humanoid robot companion that can deliver entertainment through various movements such as head rotation, swivels, and dancing. It’s lightweight, making it very comfortable for children to carry around.



    • Height: 35 cm
    • Weight: 2 kg
    • 20-joint composition
    • Bipedal walking
    • Performs basic movements
    • Lightweight and portable





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