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ApriAttenda Series : ApriAttenda

Picture ofApriAttenda Series : ApriAttenda Picture: Toshiba
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2005
  • Together with ApriAlpha version 3, Toshiba launched a new robot with unique features, called ApriAttenda. This humanoid robot has an excellent ability of identifying individuals using its advanced visual sensors and swift image processing system. ApriAttenda can instantaneously recognize individuals based on the color and texture of his/her clothes. Toshiba goes beyond the average face detection features to make ApriAttenda capable of locating and identifying moving individuals. ApriAttenda always calculates its distance and keeps an eye on its subject when accompanying. It can handle obstacles using its sensors while maintaining visual contact with the subject. In cases when the robot loses visual contact, it calls the subject.

    With a height of 450 millimeters and a weight of 30 kilograms, ApriApha comes only in white. It has a pair of observing eyes that can guarantee a 95 percent visual contact with the subject. It has a good grip on everything. It can open the refrigerator using the handles and fetch objects over the table using its 2-fingered hands. This Toshiba robot can constantly update the family of the events in the surrounding environment by sending images. ApriAttenda is the right humanoid robot suited to care and accompany children and elders in the malls and shopping centers.


    • Visual sensors
    • Swift image processing system
    • Face detection
    • Locate and identify moving individuals
    • Handle obstacles using sensors
    • Good grip on objects
    • 2-fingered hands



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