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  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Walking-Quadruped
  • Released:
  • 2004
  • The University of Bremen in Germany started developing a four-legged robot in 2004. The robot that was developed is called the ARAMIES, short for Ambulating Robot for Autonomous Martian Investigation, Exploration, and Science.

    This four-legged robot is designed to navigate all types of terrain, harsh environments, and tough and uneven ground similar to that of the red planet - Mars.

    The purpose of the ARAMIES research is to refine and improve locomotion over the US Rover. The US-made wheeled robot finds it quite difficult to navigate some obstacles, such as very small and fine sand dunes, something that would pose potential problems when navigating the harsh surface of the red planet.

    With this in mind, University of Bremen scientists continue to look for ways to increase the degree of self-sufficiency of this robot. They hope that ARAMIES will be able to operate on its own, even when put in an area millions of miles away from home.


    • Developed electronic control board - MOTCON6
    • Autonomous Joint Control Board
    • Bio-inspired PCR-controlled locomotion software
    • Laser scanner, CCD TV and two ultrasound distance sensors
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