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  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2003
  • Arnea robot was launched in 2003 with Arne Robot through the collaboration of New Era company and the robotic students of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. Arnea robot stands at 4 feet, weighs 61 kilograms and is a mix of red and white colors.

    This anthropomorphic robot has the ability to walk straight, avoid obstacles, follow 40 separate commands and respond by synthesizing its own voice.  Arnea robot can also remember objects and distinguish them from the others. New Era aspires to create a team of humanoid robots that someday can challenge humans in a game of soccer.


    • One color TV Camera, TV Signal Transmitter & Speaker placed in the head
    • Four FlexiForce Sensors placed in each of its foot for stability
    • Integral Perception by utilizing its vision, acoustic, force sensor systems and gyroscope
    • 28 Degrees of Freedom: 6 times in each of its legs, 5 times in each of its arms, 2 times in its head and neck, and 2 times in each of its hands
    • In situations where critical decision-making is needed, audio and video processing are done through a remote PC
    • Programmed to automatically provide several diagnostic messages using its synthesized voice should problems occur with its parts
    • Capable of navigating in a complex environment
    • Built with electromechanical drives for soccer playing capabilities of the robot




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