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  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Wheeled
  • ATF

    The Autonomous Follower Robot (ATF) is a robot designed and created by John Risch. This robot is actually a control system that controls a small vehicle, making it capable of following its user. The robot was one of Risch’s projects for his Electrical Engineering degree at California State Polytechnic University, located in Pomona, California.

    The ATF is equipped with a Traxxas Titan Motor and has a width of 11 inches to compensate for its short height, making it less vulnerable to tipping even when “running” at full speed. Furthermore, with its wide span, the ATF can even drift when it rains.

    Risch, however, cannot estimate how long the ATF can operate using the 12.8 Ah of Ni-MH battery, as he has yet to attempt to use it until the robot runs out of juice.


    • Autonomous RC10 in suspension and drive train
    • Extruded aluminum frame
    • Traxxas Titan 550 motor
    • 80-tooth gear and 12.8 Ah Ni-MH battery
    • Sensors, signal conditioning, and power management



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