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Autom™ Series : Autom™

  • Released:
  • 2010
  • The new enhanced AutomTM robot now comes with a slimmer body and a sleek look with its touchscreen placed on its chest. Cory Kidd - Chief Executive of Intuitive Automata - further improved Autom prototype robot by adding excellent weight loss software, which efficiently processes tracked calorie intake and output data.

    It can interact further on things involving weight loss, and of course, motivate to stick to weight loss program.  Some users already have given their testimonies on how they lost weight with the help of this social-robot Autom.


    • Touchscreen LCD on chest for interactive record-keeping of exercise regimen, food types and calorie loss
    • Cameras in eyes for eye contact
    • Slimmer shape for portability
    • Detects pedometer in user’s shoes to record exercise occurrence, frequency and duration
    • PDA-based form to record all the foods eaten regularly even when far away from home
    • Uses wireless connection - Bluetooth and 802.11 - for its device access
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