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Banryu Series : Banryu T72S

Picture ofBanryu Series : Banryu T72S Picture: TMSUK
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Animal
  • Released:
  • 2003
  • Banryu T72S robot, also called ‘Guard Dragon’ was created under the joint project of TMSUK, Sanyo and Omron. It stands at 2 feet and 4 inches on its four legs and weighs 88 pounds. Unlike its older counterparts, it can handle obstacles up to 10 cm high without going upside-down.

    The Banryu T72S also has integrated supersonic sensor, infrared sensor, temperature sensor and smell detection sensor. This new guard robot is also capable of moving at an amazing speed of 15 meters per minute. This robot had limited 50 trial units in the year 2003.


    • Built-in CCD camera for quick and easy monitoring of house
    • Integrated obstacle sensor can handle 10 centimeter-high bumps
    • Can detect smoke or unusual smells using odor-detection sensor
    • Detects fire through temperature sensor
    • Efficient localization of noise using supersonic sensor
    • Capable of mobile phone control and voice command control
    • Added quickness with 15 meters per minute speed



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