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Banryu Series : Banryu T73S

Picture ofBanryu Series : Banryu T73S Picture: TMSUK
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Animal
  • Released:
  • 2003
  • Banryu T73S is part of the Banryu robot series developed by TMSUK and Sanyo. This domestic guard robot is designed to be an efficient household monitoring device, which is capable of detecting burglars, theft and fires. TMSUK’s Banryu T73S has 12 times degrees of freedom: 8 times distributed in its legs and 4 times distributed in its head, neck and tail.

    Standing at 2 feet 11 inches on its four legs and weighing 77 pounds, this security robot is capable of moving at a lightning speed of 15 meters per minute. Banryu T73S has all the necessary sensors to protect a house even when you are away on vacation.


    • CCD Camera for a topnotch household monitoring
    • Infrared sensor for connectivity purposes
    • Temperature sensor detects temperature over 50o C for fire prevention
    • Odor sensor detects presence of carbon monoxide
    • Obstacle sensors on legs detects obstacles and blocks
    • Capable of getting over bumps of up to 10 centimeters
    • Capable of functioning with different modes:
      • Super-remote control mode - can be done using a phone or simple verbal commands like ‘turn left’ or ‘turn right'
      • Guard Dragon Mode - walks and monitors the house on its own
      • Pet Mode - allows you to play with it
    • PHS with MPEG4 synchronized transmission capability
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