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  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2010
  • Also known as the curious robot, BARTHOC was created by scientists from Bielefeld University in Germany and has the ability to communicate with humans. The functions of the robot are not preprogrammed or defined by instructions incorporated in the robot’s internal system. The process to learn is what is being engineered.

    BARTHOC is classified as an anthromorphic robot, which is able to pick up and execute instructions by communicating with humans. It can identify, label and grasp objects near it as it communicates with a human about the surrounding objects.

    BARTHOC is pretty creepy in its current form, as its head and upper body are separated from its arms. Nonetheless, the developers are working to give the robot an advanced form that will be more visually appealing. They are also working on BARTHOC’s movement, as it is still a little slow when moving.

    BARTHOC graced the cover of the August 2011 international editions of the National Geographic magazine issued in Australia, Great Britain, and New Zealand.


    • Bimanual action
    • Representation and execution
    • Tactile sensors and manipulation based on tactile feedback
    • Online-learning object detection
    • Integration and coordination of perception and action, and principles of human-robot dialog including non-verbal communication, combination of exploratory and guided learning




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