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Picture of Baxter Picture: Rethink Robotics
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Other, Wheeled
  • Released:
  • Unknown
  • Built by Rethink Robotics, Baxter is a new kind of robot that is used for industrial jobs such as sorting, loading, unloading and handling of materials. Exhibiting behaviour based ‘common sense’; this 3-foot tall robot is capable of sensing as well as adapting to its environment.

    Baxter is an industrial robot that has two arms similar to that of a human. The robot is equipped with sensors, cameras, and software to let nontechnical users to operate it without any difficulty. The robot doesn’t require costly integration or complex programming. Being an intelligent robot, Baxter exhibits an amazing degree of common sense, which allows it to refine its capabilities over time.

    Key features of Baxter include ease of deployment, learns easily, no programming required, proximity sensing, versatility, adaptability, extensibility interchangeable end effectors, safety, modest size and mobility. Moreover, the industrial robot is very affordable.



  • Collaborative Robots
  • Research:Human Cognition
    Object Handling
    Robot Learning
    Human-Robot interaction
  • Industrial:Other
    MH - Pick and Place
    MH - Packaging
    Material Handling (MH)


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