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Picture of BEAR Picture: Vecna Robotics
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2006
  • Vecna robotics, in collaboration with Beijing Institute of Technology, introduced the BEAR robot. The name of this humanoid robot stands for Battle Extraction-Assist Robot. The BEAR robot is designed and built for the sole purpose of providing effective rescue to victims in the middle of a dangerous area.

    The latest version of this extraction-assist bot has 4 times stronger torso than the previous one. BEAR robot is very strong and very agile robot, which is capable of doing its rescue business even in a very rough terrain or places where it’s necessary to pass through stairs.

    Specifically, BEAR robot is designed to lift a heavy victim, carry to a safer area, and settle him/her for proper life-saving procedure, if necessary.


    • Strong torso and arms powered by hydraulics making it capable of lifting and carrying heavy objects for longer distance
    • Very flexible as it can handle tough terrains or stiff stairs
    • Intelligent node placed on its joint, actuator and sensor
    • Central processor capable of wireless interface to process commands and make decisions
    • Integrated camera and microphone allows the operator to perceive the surrounding visual-acoustic stimuli
    • Integrated gyroscope and accelerometers allowing it to balance on its knee, thigh or wheel-driven feet
    • Pressure and touch sensors make it sensitive enough to its cargo
    • Visual acuity in any time of the day with the use of its infrared and night vision



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