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BERT Series : BERT 2

  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2010
  • BERT 2 is a robotic torso created by Elumotion and Bristol Robotic Lab. BERT 2 stands for ‘Bristol Elumotion Robotic Torso’ wherein the names of its two developers are included. This robotic piece is the enhanced version of the previous BERT I and is developed for the same purpose of providing a safe adaptive control to human-robot interaction.

    BERT 2 has an eye-tracking system that makes it possible for the robot to recognize human intention and calculate the task at hand. Easy imitation and effective cooperation of the robot is the desired result.

    BERT 2 also has an integrated Vicon 3D tracking system that is essential for the robot to perceive and process its human-partner’s pose, gestures and movements. BERT 2 usually explores its surrounding like a one-year old human does.


    • Digital head capable of expressions
    • Integrated torque sensors determine movements on a gyratory system
    • Eye-tracking system for the robot performing tasks as a team member
    • Smart Vicon 3D tracking system allows the robot to learn about its partner




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