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  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2011
  • BioROBO

    In 2011, the Donyang Technology Co. Ltd. of South Korea, through the ingenuity of Glan Tang of Taichu, Taiwan, released an educational humanoid robot, which was aptly named BioROBO.

    BioROBO proudly stands at 40cm tall and sports proprietary serial servo motors, which are similar to the Futaba servos. This humanoid robot was primarily designed for use in education and competitions, and as such was made controllable by dual joystick remotes.

    The exoskeleton of BioROBO was carefully designed to conceal the servos and wiring used in its internal system. The external appearance of the humanoid was made appealing by its glossy colors that bear prominent electric blue.

    It is capable of basic movements like walking and gripping. The movements are made possible by the 17 degrees of freedom it has. The neck has one, each arm has three, and each leg has five. The motions are facilitated by simulation software that checks for the robots ability to balance and avoid possible collisions. Its LED eyes make it more adorable and lovable, especially to children.


    • Height: 40 cm
    • Fully controllable by remote
    • Degrees of Freedom: 17
    • Bipedal walking
    • Simple movements like dancing and back somersault





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