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BR23C Bee

Picture of BR23C Bee Picture: Nissan
  • Released:
  • 2008
  • BR23C is a biomimetic car robot developed by NISSAN in its chase to cut the present accident rates by half. BR23C - nicknamed ‘Bee’ - is a part of NISSAN’s safety shield project, wherein cars should have their own part of avoiding accidents and protecting their passenger.

    Like a bee that has 300 degrees of view and has 99% chance of avoiding collision, BR23C is designed to have 180 degrees of view - for which a Laser Range Finder (LFR) is used - and programmed to decelerate and turn sharply 90 degrees should an obstacle is detected within its 6 feet safety shield radius.

    This creation from Nissan will support the collision-avoidance technology of the future.


    • Integrated Laser Range Finder for farther (6 feet) and wider range (180 degrees) of obstacle detection capability
    • Built-in fast microprocessor that allows split-second but precise driving decision
    • Programmed to decelerate and swerve 90 degrees or more to avoid collision




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