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  • Ground Beetle

    H&S Robots

    Developed by H&S Robots, the Ground Beetle resembles a real beetle in appearance and movement. It imitates beetle movements with the use of servo motors. Ground Beetle is easy to program even if you have no prior knowledge. It draws lots of attention…

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    Bielefeld U.

    Cognitive Interaction Technology developed a hexapod walking robot called HECTOR. This insect robot has algorithm controlled elastic joint drives that imitate muscle movements.

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    U. München

    HERMES is an experimental robot that is part of technology studies. It can interact with humans and speak in English, French, and German. The robot also performs some tasks.

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  • Innok TX

    Innok Robotics GmbH

    The Innok Robotics TX is a 6 wheel drive high speed mobile robot platform for research, inspection and telepresense applications. Equipped with independent suspension and reaching maximum speeds up

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  • KommuniKate KommuniKate

    Eggshell Robotics

    Paul Kocyla created an artificial intelligence robot called KommuniKate. This robot can answer queries and questions from humans and also shows them relevant contextual information.

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    Technical U. of Darmstadt

    Oskar Von Stryk developed a humanoid named LARA. It has artificial muscles, and can recognize language and respond to it. It also converts an idea in a sentence into Meta-grammar.

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  • Lola Lola

    Technical U. Munich, UniBw München

    Lola is a humanoid developed by the Technical University of Munich and the Institute of Technology Autonomous Systems. It has an onboard computer, several remote control modules, and a smart sensor-actuator. A simulation program has been developed to…

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  • Mr. SemProM Mr. SemProM

    DFKI Bremen

    Mr. SemProM is a 1.75m humanoid whose modifiable gripper-equipped arms and multiple cameras (including wrist cameras for fine manipulations) allow it to carry objects.

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  • Myon Myon

    Bayer, Frackenpohl Poulheim, Humboldt U.

    Myon was developed by the Neurbotics Research Laboratory. Its purpose is to study how robots can learn from humans. Myon has a touchscreen for easy data transmission.

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    RoboWatch Ind.

    The German company RoboWatch developed a wheeled security robot called OFRO. It can protect people, products, and facilities, and can take decisions after evaluating the situations.

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  • pi4-workerbot pi4-workerbot

    Fraunhofer IPK Berlin

    pi4-Robotics humanoid robot, Pi4-Workerbot, was designed to work with humans in multi-tasking industrial settings. It does not need a programmer to run it. Pi4-Workerbot has 7 degrees of freedom and is under Laserscanner’s category 5 of safety.

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