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  • Pithekos Pithekos

    DFKI Bremen

    DFKI Bremen created a four-legged galloping robot called the Pithekos. It is lightweight, fast, reliable and is able to take tight turns on different surfaces and terrains.

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  • Rhoni Rhoni

    H&S Robots

    Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences and H&S Robots developed a humanoid called Rhoni. Its aim is to assist patients to get up, to dress, and also bring food and guide them.

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  • Rhonietta Rhonietta

    H&S Robots

    Niederrhein University and H&S Robots developed the female version of Rhoni called the Rhonietta. It is a more advanced humanoid with artificial eyelashes and embracing arms.

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  • Robocleaner RC3000 RoboCleaner RC 3000


    Kärcher's Robocleaner RC3000 vacuums all types of flooring, rolls over wires, uses infrared and optical sensors to avoid obstacles, and resists wedging under furniture.

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  • Robotinho Robotinho

    NimbRo, U. of Bonn

    NimbRo Laboratory at the University of Bonn developed a soccer-playing robot called Robotinho. It was used to investigate intuitive multimodal communication with people.

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  • Rollin’ Justin Rollin’ Justin

    DLR Inst. Of Robotics and Mechatronics

    Household chores are easy with the help of Rollin’ Justin. This robot is the perfect helper with manipulation tasks, from catching objects to making a cup of coffee.

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  • Tron-X Tron-X


    Tron-X, a blue-skinned robot developed by Festo, is a pneumatic robot. It can follow gestures and is capable of mimicking human-like actions, including facial expressions.

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