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  • Moogle Moogle

    Robo-Garage, Chiba Inst. of Tech. (CIT), Daiwa House

    Moogle is a specialized robot for inspection of confined spaces. It's controlled via Wi-Fi, has cameras for driving and inspecting, and operates for an hour per charge.

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  • Morph 3 Morph 3

    Leading Edge Design

    Conventionally but solidly built, Morph 3 has a duralumin frame and can brace itself for falls. An advanced CPU, 30 servos, and 138 sensors make it highly athletic.

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  • Mowgli Mowgli

    U. of Tokyo

    Mowgli is a Japanese robot which can jump and land autonomously. This air powered robot contains an artificial musculoskeletal system with pneumatic muscles which give it six DOF.

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  • Mujiro Mujiro


    Security robot Mujiro's advanced sensors enable it to detect humans behind walls and identify individuals from an incredible 30 miles away; it also disposes of bombs.

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  • Murasaki Murasaki


    Robo Garage’s Murasaki robot will thrill “The Tale of Genji” fans. Beautifully dressed and designed, it tells the story of court lady Murasaki Shikibu through an MP3 player.

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  • Murata Boy Murata Boy

    Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has created Murata Boy, the world’s first bicycling robot. It can access a LAN to receive commands and execute them with amazing accuracy.

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  • Murata Girl Murata Girl

    Murata Girl is the perfect companion to Murata Boy. This agile robot rides its unicycle while maintaining perfect balance. It can even send live feed of its travels.

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  • Nagara 3 Nagara 3

    Gifu Industries

    Gifu developed three small robots, the Nagara robots, named after a river in Japan. These humanoids were designed for human interaction. They have advanced motor skills and can detect and copy human movement. The Nagara robots each stand about 110 cm…

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  • NaviRobo NaviRobo

    IXS Research Corp., Pioneer

    Navi Robo is a crab-shaped navigation robot. It helps you know where to go and when to turn without taking attention away from the road. The claws vibrate and point the right way just before a turn should be made. Navi Robo is very beneficial to hearing…

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  • NeeBo NeeBo

    Robot Force

    Robot Force developed a low cost fighting robot called NeeBo. It has two degrees of freedom, takes small steps while walking and can be remotely controlled using Kondo KHR-1 controller.

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    Robo Garage created a realistic-looking humanoid robot called Neon. This robot was part of the Robodex 2003 during the "astroboy" birth celebration. It has electromagnets in its foot to create its walking motion. Neon was created to limit the inequality…

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    Kawada Industries, Inc.

    NEXTAGE was developed by Kawada Industries to do automated work on an industrial line in a factory. This humanoid robot has service port connections and easy-to-use software. NEXTAGE was designed to work alongside humans and make the assembly line work…

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  • Ninomiya-kun Ninomiya-kun

    Shanghai Jiao Tong U., Information, Production and Systems Research Center (IPSRC), Waseda U.

    Waseda University developed Ninomiya-kun as a way of fighting illiteracy among other robots. This robot can read books out loud and recognizes nearly 2,300 Japanese characters. It has a built-in camera, and character recognition software allows it to…

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  • Nishiki Koi Nishiki Koi


    Ryomei Engineering, along with two companies, developed a robotic carp called Nishiki Koi. It can swim in reverse, observe oceanic fishes and can survey oilrigs and pipes for damages.

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