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  • Reborg-Q Reborg-Q


    ALSOK developed a security robot called Reborg-Q. This automatically programmable robot can guard an area; detect leaks, fires and smoke; and can tell current time and weather.

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  • Recycling Robot Recycling Robot

    Recycling robot is an educational robot designed to teach students about recycling. It has photosensing technology and a laser to scan and identify plastic items by their type. The robot then put them in the correct containers for recycling.

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  • Remo Remo

    Robotsfx created the bipedal robot Remo as a robot kit. It is designed to be an easy-to-assemble humanoid robot. Remo is also easy to program and can control its own center of gravity. It has 2 cameras and pressure-sensitive foot sensors for easy walking.

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    RIKEN and BMCRC created humanoid robot RI-MAN to provide healthcare support and aid in dynamic motor function research. This assistive robot can recognize faces, discern scents, and detect a human's position through tactile sensors. It can perform tasks…

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  • Ricordo EM21A Ricordo EM21A

    Seiko Epson

    Tiny robot Ricordo is only one cubic centimeter in size. However, this little robot developed by Epson has a lot to offer. Its high memory capacity allows it to play back audio it records. Ricordo can also chase any light source and has mobility functions.

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  • RIDC-01 RIDC-01


    The Japanese company Tmusk developed a cleaning robot called the RIDC-01. This heavy robot cleans floors, listens and recognizes voice commands, and projects videos on a screen.

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    Waseda U., Kobayashi Lab.

    ROBISUKE was developed at WASEDA University to be a natural conversation robot. Besides having facial and speech recognition, this humanoid robot also has gesture and gaze recognition. It can even learn new words based on the use of the words in the conversation.

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    Waseda U., Kobayashi Lab.

    ROBITA is a humanoid communication robot designed in 1999 by WASEDA University. It was developed as a way of improving conversational flow between humans and robots. With its sound localization ability, ROBITA can adapt to, and participate in, group conversations.

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    Futaba, Himeji Softworks

    Robo Xero was created by Himeji Softworks and Futaba. This action toy robot can walk and run and also perform punches and jumps in martial arts style. It is also great for robot wrestling because it has a five-finger robotic hand and a strong grip. It…

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  • Robo-Q Robo-Q

    Takara Tomy / Tomy co., Ltd.

    Takara Tomy of Japan developed a bipedal called ROBO-Q. It is the world's smallest walking humanoid, and can be programmed to solve mazes and play soccer with other robots.

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  • RoboCar Z RoboCar Z


    ZMP's RoboCar Z aids education and research into car robotics. The wheeled robot uses stereo cameras, infrared sensors, and a laser rangefinder to see its environment.

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  • Robocatcher Robocatcher


    Mechatrax developed Robocatcher which is the world’s first two-legged robot amusement machine. Operated with a special game console, it can catch an object with its graspers.

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  • Robockle Robockle

    CMC Tech. Development Co.

    Robockle by CMC Technology is a trashcan-shaped wheeled robot. It uses touch and ultrasonic proximity sensors to avoid obstacles, has glowing eyes, and comes in 3 colors.

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  • Robofie Robofie

    Volks Inc.

    The Japanese company Volks Inc. developed a crossbreed called Robofie. This humanoid robot can climb stairs, run, spin, throw, grab, kick and fart, along with showing dance steps.

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  • RoboPal RoboPal

    Osaka U., Advanced Telecommunications Research Inst. (ATR)

    RoboPal was designed for research into directive, responsive, collaborative, and independent human-robot interaction. It also tags along on errands and carries groceries.

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  • Roborior Roborior

    The Roborior works like a CCTV to guard against intruders. This robot sends live videos directly to your mobile phone. It also emits colorful lights to decorate your home.

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