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  • Service Type Robot Service Type Robot


    The Fujitsu service-type robot is designed to assist humans with a variety of tasks. This robot can move carts, greet guests and operate elevators. It also has a wireless LAN, which allows it to connect to the Internet, find useful information and show…

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  • Shinpo Shinpo

    Waseda U., TMSUK

    Atsuo Takanishi’s Laboratory and Tmsuk developed a humanoid called Shinpo. It is the first to walk with straight knees, and can play Janken, move wrists and climb stairs.

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    Kitano Symbiotic, SGI

    SIG is a humanoid created to help developers study the link between integrated perceptual data and the control of degrees of freedom. Auditory and visual processing abilities are under the TCP/IP network. SIG's tracking system is in real time and uses…

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  • Simroid Simroid

    Kokoro Co. Ltd.

    Kokoro Company Ltd. developed a training robot for dental schools called Simroid. This humanoid can express pain, move its hands and eyes, and warn people of accidental contact.

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  • Sky Armor Sky Armor

    The Japanese company Bandai developed a flying humanoid called Sky Armor. It is small and lightweight, has two propellers on its shoulders, and can fly in four directions.

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    In The Sky

    SORA is a robotic receptionist that debuted at IREX 2005. Its camera, microphone, and speakers make it possible to speak with a visitor before greeting him personally.

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  • Speecys-FC Speecys-FC


    Speecys Corp. developed the first fuel-cell powered humanoid called Speecys-FC. It contains fuel cell which produces electricity by reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.

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  • SQ43 SQ43

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    The SQ43 has tendons which give it fluid and flexible movement. Its unique shock absorption features allow it to move through small spaces and even over irregular terrain.

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    TITECH Nakashima Lab.

    The SWUMANOID swimming robot was designed to measure water resistance while swimming. Researchers hope the half-scale robot will allow them to make better swim gear.

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