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  • Assistant Robot (AR) Assistant Robot (AR)

    Information and Robot Tech. Research Initiative (IRT), U. of Tokyo

    For those who want housework help, Assistant Robot is ready for action. This highly flexible robot can even evaluate tasks to determine if it was successful.

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  • Athlete Robot Athlete Robot

    Information and Robot Tech. Research Initiative (IRT), U. of Tokyo

    Athlete Robot has flexible legs that allow it to run and jump. Compressed air and elastic prosthetic blades make this robot capable of human-like movement.

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  • Automo 06

    Battle robot Automo 06 went head-to-head with 10 other robots in the 2009 Sunrise Hero Robot Battle at the International Robot Exhibition. Its impressive capabilities earned it second place.

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  • AV Mascot Robot Bot-chan AV Mascot Robot Bot-chan


    Hitachi developed an audio-visual prototype called AV Mascot Robot. It interacts with humans, analyzes one's TV viewing history, and recommends programs for better viewing experience.

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  • Babyloid Babyloid

    Chukyo U.

    Kanou Masayoshi of Chokyu University developed a therapeutic baby robot called Babyloid. It can cry and blush, and keep elderly less depressed with its unpredicted behavior.

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  • Bino3 Bino3

    Tokyo Inst. of Tech. (TITECH)

    Bino3 surveillance robot has a 3D motion and stereo binocular system. Its developers hope to use it in areas potentially dangerous to humans, such as radioactive rooms.

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  • Black Blade

    Yoshihiro Shibata created Black Blade off his past robotic fighting achievement, Black Seed. He improved the design but left many of Black Seed's key characteristics, which resulted in smoother operation, an improved torque, and wider rotational range…

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  • Black Ox Black Ox


    Black Ox by Vstone has 20 movable axis points, making it a battle robot that delivers hours of fight with other robots. Pointy horns and red LED eyes add to its menacing appearance.

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  • Black Tiger

    Black Tiger competed in the 2012 Robot Athlete Cup and beat three other robots in the 5 meter foot race. The competition drew robot enthusiasts from around the world. Black Tiger Neo, the newest prototype, competed in the ROBO-One Gate Dance Competition,…

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  • BN-17

    Japanese company Bandai’s BN-17 is a cleaning robot, a security robot, and can even check email for you. It has image recognition and is described as an “ultra nice robot.”

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  • BR23C Bee BR23C Bee

    Kanzaki / Takahashi Lab., Tokyo U. of Science, Nissan

    NISSAN developed a biomimetic car robot called BR23C. Nicknamed 'Bee', it uses Laser Range Finder, and decelerates and turns sharply 90 degrees when detects an obstacle.

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  • Cam-10 Cam-10

    Cube Works

    Cube Works developed a mini bipedal robot, the Cam-10, as a humanoid toy robot. This little robot can walk, swing its arms and turn its head. The creators plan to develop Cam-10 further and make many improvements to the current version. It provides children…

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  • Cam-Baby Robot Cam-Baby Robot

    Cube Works

    Cam-Baby is a robot baby that looks and acts like a human baby. It walks and responds to clapping. It has LED eyes that blink and it cries when it falls just like a real baby would.

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  • Candy 5 Candy 5

    Nirvana Tech. Inc.

    Nirvana Technology Incorporated developed a robot called Candy 5 which can play golf perfectly. It has cameras and wheels, using which it can make its stance for the perfect hit.

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  • Care Robot Yurina Care Robot Yurina

    Japan Logic Machine

    Japan Logic Machine created Care Robot Yurina. It has a conveyor belt and special rollers to help carry and transfer patients. It can help them with daily activities such as bathing.

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  • Cart robot Cart robot

    Toshibatec, Toshiba

    Toshiba and Toshibatec designed and developed the Cart robot. It assists disabled shoppers to carry their purchased things to their cars. It can also detect and avoid obstacles.

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