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  • Cavalier

    Emanon created the Cavalier, a bipedal fighting robot. It took part in the 2009 NagaRanger Fighting Festa. Along with 27 other battle robots, Cavalier engaged in several fights. It defeated Cromkid in the final bout with a technical knockout.

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  • CB² CB²

    Osaka U., Kokoro Co. Ltd.

    JST ERATO Asada Project developed a child robot called CB2. The purpose is to study cognitive development, social maturity, behavior, attitude and other personal stuff.

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  • Chapit Chapit


    The Japanese company RayTron developed a household robot called Chapit. It can understand and respond to verbal commands, and can make facial expressions and gestures.

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  • Cherubim Cherubim

    Robot Force

    Cherubim is a transforming robot created by Robot Force. It has competed in several robotics events, such as ROBO-One. This fully functional robot is capable of transforming itself into the form of a racecar. It can also play soccer. Robot Force plans…

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  • Chibita Chibita

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    JSK Laboratory created an extremely small robot in 1994 called Chibita. The robot walks on four legs, and can continue to walk even if it topples over or accidentally turns over.

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  • Chroino Chroino


    ROBO-GARAGE developed a small humanoid called Chroino. It can walk naturally like a human using SHIN-Walk technology, and can kick a ball, stand up and balance itself.

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  • Chrome Kid

    KupaKuma developed a robot called Chrome Kid; a schoolboy sized robot meant to offer helpful services. The developer entered it into the 2010 ROBO-ONE Humanoid Helper Project. The robot greeted the attendees, asked them to take their seats, and retrieved…

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  • Chuuta Chuuta

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    JSK Laboratory has created a four-legged robot called the Chuuta. The Chuuta is programmed to use an ultra-sonic range finder in absence of any vision processing hardware.

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  • CoCoNatch CoCoNatch

    Waseda U., Tokyo U. of Science, Yukai Engineering

    Tokyo University and Waseda University developed a stress-reliever robot called CoCoNatch. It gives alerts for new twitter feeds by vibrating and emitting LED colors.

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  • Coelacanth Coelacanth


    Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Ltd. made the world’s first radio-controlled robotic fish called Coelacanth. The robot can swim to see visitors and recharge itself when the battery becomes low.

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  • Core

    Chiba Inst. of Tech. (CIT)

    Furo and CIT Company developed a bipedal robot called Core. It has six-joint bipedal legs for balance, can absorb shock effectively, and can carry handicapped individuals.

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  • Daddy The Easy 1 Daddy The Easy 1

    Hosei U.

    Daddy the Easy 1 is also known as Easy Going Daddy. This gymnastic robot was invented by Hosei University and Takashima Lab. The robot does a high bar routine routine like a real gymnast. Takashima Lab has a video clip of the robot performing on its official…

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  • Dandadan

    Dandadan is a dancing robot that participated in Robo One 2009. It has a purple and white body. This adorable robot amazed the audience by catching a ball and performing smooth dance moves. The developers, Team Danadan of Japan, plan to continue work…

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  • Date Masamune Date Masamune

    Matsuyoshi Dolls, JR Propo

    Date Masamune is a miniature robot based on the legendary Samurai of the same name. JR Propo and Matsuyoshi Dolls created this robot, which is available for rent for expos and special events. Date Masamune has sword and body armor and cost 1 million yen…

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  • Delivery Robot Delivery Robot


    Delivery Robot was developed by Panasonic as a healthcare robot. It can navigate through hospitals dispersing medication as needed. Only 1 out of 50,000 ampules were broken by this amazing robot during tests. Delivery Robot has integrated sensors that…

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    Nagai Lab., U. of Electro-Communications

    University of Electronics developed a humanoid robot called DiGORO. It watches humans doing a task and learns how to do it. It also sees a human, and remembers the face and name.

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  • Dog-Wan Dog-Wan

    Robot Force, Daisen

    Daisen and Robot Force have created Dog-Wan; a quadruped robot made to entertain and assist its users. Dog-Wan can wag its tail, carry things in its mouth, and perform other dog common gestures. It has 24 degrees of freedom and can move forward and backward…

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