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  • Doka Harumi Doka Harumi

    Doka Harumi is a helper robot that resembles a young Japanese girl. This humanoid robot can walk, dance, and bring you a glass of water. It can also play “rock, paper, scissors.”

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  • Driving Partner Robot


    Pioneer developed a penguin shaped robot called Driving Partner Robot. It sits on the dashboard, and chirps and blinks when there is any deviation from appropriate driving.

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  • Dual Display Kiosk Dual Display Kiosk

    Senshu U., Omron, Fujitsu PFU

    Fujistu PFU developed a robotic prototype called Dual Display Kiosk. It has gender and age detection software using which it detects the gender and age, and displays personalized advertisement.

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  • Dynamizer Dynamizer

    The Dynamizer was the 2010 ROBO-ONE champion robot. This fighting robot can cook, play sports, and even mow the lawn. Robotics world star Tomio Sugiura helped develop it.

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  • E.M.A. E.M.A.

    Sega Toys Co. Ltd.

    If you want to see a robot that looks and acts feminine, SEGA’s E.M.A. fits the bill. This humanoid robot can hand out business cards and sing. It is 38 centimeters tall.

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  • Eco-be! Eco-be!


    The watch company, Citizen, developed a miniature soccer playing robot called Eco-Be. This wheel driven robot is powered by a watch battery and can move in any direction.

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  • Elfoid P1 Elfoid P1

    Osaka U.

    Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University developed a humanoid mobile phone robot called Elfoid P1. Its cover has a human-skin feel and it represents the caller on the other line.

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    Robo-Engine’s EMMA-U0A weighs only 850 grams. This small, lightweight humanoid robot can use its arms to lift objects and has 23 degrees of freedom. It also has a GWS servo.

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  • ENON


    Fujitsu developed a service robot called ENON. This robot can navigate, recognize speech, talk with humans, and is designed to help elder people in their daily activities.

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    Nissan developed EPORO which is a group of anti-collision robots. They move in group like a school of fish does, circumvent obstacles and do not collide with each other.

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  • FDK service robot

    The FDK service robots were designed to assist humans in places such as offices and commercial facilities. They can also be utilized as security patrol robots. FDK robots can move autonomously and have a 3d visual processing system. Some of the tasks…

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