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    FILIO was created as a robo mascot for an extra-curricular science program in Japan. Though outdated now, FILIO helped many students learn about advanced robot technology.

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  • FlatThru FlatThru

    Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.

    Sanyo developed a wheel-driven delivery robot called FlatThru. It can carry liquids, has ultramodern sensors for stability, and is able to recognize human faces and voices.

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  • FT (Female Type) FT (Female Type)


    Tomotaka Takahashi developed a female robot called FT or the 'Female Type'. This biped humanoid has the lean body of a woman, and uses the SHIN walk technology for smooth walking.

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  • Fujitsu Office Delivery Robot Fujitsu Office Delivery Robot

    U. of Electro-Communications, Yokohama National U., Fujitsu

    The Fujitsu Office Delivery Robot can deliver necessary documents and hefty materials on time with 99% efficiency. It is also equipped with a high-resolution touch screen that enables advanced communication on the office floor. Its navigation is accurate…

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  • Fujitsu Teddy Bear Fujitsu Teddy Bear


    Fujitsu Teddy Bear is an adorable toy robot capable of 300 different movements. It comes with a USB port connector for a PC connection and easy customization. A high-resolution camera mounted on its nose allows it to detect people nearby. Fujitsu Teddy…

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  • G-Robot G-Robot

    Futaba, HPI

    G-Robot is a humanoid robot manufactured by Futaba. It has a servo protection system -it turns itself off if it gets too hot. It is programmable through RS232 and has 20 DOF.

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  • G-TuneF108M G-TuneF108M

    SISO Lab.

    Siso Lab created G-TuneF108M mainly out of junk materials. Yet it won the Ranger Award at the ROBO-One 13. Its body is mostly made from PVC plate and a polycarbonate frame. This humanoid robot can transform from a container form into a bipedal walking…

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  • Geisha Robot Geisha Robot

    Robosquare, Crafthouse

    Crafthouse in collaboration with ROBOSQUARE developed a humanoid robot called Geisha robot. It is dressed as a traditional Japanese Geisha and can dance to any music on stage.

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  • Gemini Gemini

    Tsukuba U.

    Tsukuba University developed twin robots called Gemini. These museum guide robots speak to each other instead of giving sequenced storyline to visitors for each museum exhibits.

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  • Gogic Five Gogic Five


    Gogic Five is a hobby robot with a racer extension kit. This tiny humanoid can transform into a sporty racecar. Five servomotors allow it to walk, punch, kick and stand.

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  • Guard Robot D1 Guard Robot D1


    Guard Robot D1 was developed to make safeguarding and security tasks easier and more accurate. It knows English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Guard Robot D1 can operate on its own and decide what to do in various situations, including to alert the…

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  • Guide robot Guide robots robot

    Toshibatec, Toshiba

    The Guide robot is a wheeled robot made by Toshiba and Toshibatec. Its sophisticated map skills allow it to guide you to any part of a store or facility. Its interactive touchscreen displays product information. Guide robot has advanced facial recognition…

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  • Hadaly 2 Hadaly 2

    Sugano Lab., Waseda U.

    Hadaly-2 was developed to move toward a world where humans and robots coexist peacefully. It is designed to respond to stimuli as though it was human. Hadaly-2 can react to the intensity of light, pick up objects and do handshakes, and engage in interesting…

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  • Hair-wash robot Hair-wash robot


    Panasonic's Hair-Washing robot was developed to wash, rinse, and dry hair for elderly and disabled people. It can even give a scalp massage with its 24 gentle robotic fingers. It will be a huge help in medical and hospice settings, providing a faster,…

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